A community of dedicated YouTube creators working to make an impact with enthusiasm and creativity.

Are you actively creating content on YouTube?
Looking for a community of YouTube creators?

As you probably know, the world of YouTube is constantly changing and everyone’s YouTube journey is different.

This community brings together dedicated YouTube creators to share experiences, feedback, and ideas so that we can all level up our channels in real time.

For us, the best support that we had when starting out was each other– and if you know us, you know that we met on YouTube (thanks to the algorithm). Our goal is to create an online space that recreates the support we had and includes:

  • A sense of understanding from fellow YouTube creators who "get it"
  • Openness and trust to be honest, ask for help, and share struggles
  • Someone to share your wins with and celebrate your progress
  • Enthusiasm to give and get feedback

Everyone here wants to do YouTube for the long-term.
Everyone here is committed to the process.
Everyone here wants to have fun!

Our Mission

We bring together passionate YouTube creators to level up on YouTube, get personalized support, and connect with other dedicated creatives so that we can demystify content creation, empower each other to create the best content we can, and cultivate our sense of purpose as creators.

Beyond all the strategy, being able to create something that we can share with the entire world is a really cool thing. Doing YouTube will have its ups and downs but that’s why we started this community. Everyone in this group wants to JUST CREATE MORE.

JUST CREATE MORE is our Private Mighty Network exclusively for members. 

Before You Join...

In order to help our community be the best it can be for all members, please be sure to read and understand our guidelines:

Basic Community Guidelines
• Be respectful of all members and ideas
• No profanity/hate speech/slurs/etc
• No "sub4sub" or spamming of any kind
• Participate! Join in discussions and events!
• Add your channel URL to your profile
• Choose an appropriate username (real name preferred)

This Community IS For You If:
• You're committed to your YouTube Journey
• You want to connect with a community of enthusiastic creators
• You're ready to offer feedback in a valuable, constructive way
• You're open to receiving feedback from others
• You're "in it for the long haul" and plan to do YouTube for the foreseeable future

This Community IS NOT For You If:
• Your main goals are subscribers and views
• You want a "quick fix" for growth hacking
• Your content is negative, hateful, or otherwise harmful
• You're not open or comfortable with feedback from people with different points of view
• You aren't actively working to build your YouTube channel

By joining the Just Create More community, you agree to follow the above guidelines and understand that you may be removed for violating them.

We're building the online community of YouTube creators that we wanted to be a part of and we hope you'll join us!

-Heather & Tom

Meet Your Hosts

Heather Ramirez

When I started my YouTube channel in 2016, I was so excited but it was a very lonely journey. There were many times where I felt stuck but I didn’t have anyone I could turn to. Luckily, I was able to find the support I needed by watching hours of tutorials, meeting a lot of people, and doing trial & error over and over again. When I became a YouTube coach, I was determined to create a program that had all of the best resources in one place - something that would’ve been invaluable to me as I was getting my own channel off the ground.

Heather's Vlog Channel
Heather's Tutorial Channel

Tom Buck

As much as I wanted to create my own channel, it wasn’t until I met Heather and had someone to help motivate me and keep me accountable that I felt empowered in a new way. Since then, building my YouTube channel is one of the best things I've ever done, and my only regret is that I didn't start sooner. Having the support of other content creators is what has helped me to stay focused and motivated throughout the entire journey.

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